2018 Christmas Tree Pricing

All trees:

Under six feet $20

Six feet and up $30


Christmas Trees Available for the 2018 Season

 Grand Fir

The Grand Fir is a favorite Christmas tree in Oregon.  It is also known as the Giant Fir.  It is a native tree to the Pacific Northwest.  The Grand Fir is a beautiful dark green in color.  The Grand Fir is the most aromatic Christmas tree.  It is the perfect pick if you want that incredible Christmas tree fragrance in your home.  It is an evergreen coniferous tree.  Grand Firs can reach up to 300 feet tall.  

Noble Fir - very limited selection this year

The Noble Fir is a popular Pacific Northwest tree with blue-green needles.  The Noble Fir makes an excellent Christmas tree with strong branches for supporting heavy Christmas ornaments.

Fraser Fir - very limited selection this year

The Fraser Fir has strong upturned branches.  There is a pretty silvery color on the underside of the needles.  It has stiff branches that are great for hanging Christmas ornaments on.  The Fraser Fir holds its needles well for a long time.